FAQ About Treatment Before & After
Covid-19 Vaccination

Customers’ health and safety are always the first priority of HAiRLESS and we are  committed to provide 24/7 support to all our customers with a safe and efficient laser hair removal treatment. Regarding the recent concerns raising from customers about the proceeding with laser treatment before and after COVID-19 vaccination, the Group hereby presents to you the advice:

Q1:Is it suitable to receive laser or thermal treatments after COVID-19 vaccination?

If customers do not feel unwell or have any skin allergies 4 days after COVID-19 vaccination, they can receive laser or thermal treatments on or after the 5th day. 

Under normal circumstances, if customers have no physical discomfort and no skin allergies 4 days after COVID-19 vaccination, they can undergo laser or thermal treatment on or after the 5th day after vaccination. 


Assuming you are vaccinated against COVID-19 on January 1, if you are not feeling sick and have no skin allergies from January 2 to January 5, guests can have a laser or thermal treatment on January 6.

Q2:Why should I receive laser or thermal treatments at least 4 days after COVID-19 vaccination?

Studies have shown that customers’ immune systems will become active to stimulate the development of antibodies which may cause certain body and skin reactions, such as feers and skin rashes. Placing customers’ safety at the first place, we recommend the customers to receive the laser or thermal treatments at least 4 days after getting vaccinated.

Q3:How many days should I wait to be taken COVID-19 vaccination after laser or thermal treatments?

Customers can be taken COVID-19 vaccination at any time. Laser or thermal treatment will not stimulate the immune system to be very active, and the skin reaction after the treatment will generally gradually recede as the skin is replenished after the treatment, and will not affect the subsequent vaccination.